Thumb - Funboard Surfboard - Rasta - Black Stringer


Our Thumb Surfboard is super fun on knee to head high waves. 

Who's it for?
The Thumb is a great board for beginner to advanced surfers alike. The thumb is one of our more performance oriented fun boards, however, it is still beginner friendly as it has enough volume for beginners that want to progress in their surfing ability. For intermediate and advanced surfers, the Thumb will increase your wave count while also maintaining high maneuverability.  

The board concave starts with a tear drop concave from the nose for generating lift underneath the board. This allows for faster trimming when further up the board. The bottom contour then transitions into a vee and eventually vees of the tail allowing for more maneuverability than what a traditional fun board, such as a mini mal would have. 

Extra Feature: 

We made the Thumb's fin set up a four plus one (4 + 1) in order to give you guys more options with your preferred fin set up. 

Care for your board to prolong its life
- Keep in cool dry area as much as possible when not in use
- Keep away from direct sun light when not in the water
- Rinse board with fresh water after each use.


Feature   Four Plus One Fin Set Up 
Constructions Eps 
Contours Nose Concave > vee > vee off tail 
Finish Resin Tint > Wet Sand finish 
Dimensions 7'2" - 7'10" 
Volume 50.4 - 61
Color White with Rasta accents 
Rider 145 - 230 lbs 
Experience Beginner to Advanced
Condition Knee to Head High
Bundled Items (included) Leash and fins                                             


PRICE DISCOUNTED : Bundle is $450 due to the possibility of slight discoloration. EPS boards yellow quicker than PU under UV exposure. Rest assured, aside from the possibility of slight discoloration, the board is in new and unused condition.