Retro Fish Quad - Bamboo


The Retro Fish Quad should belong in everyone's quiver as it is a great board for small mushy waves to medium sized days. As a fish, this board will give you a sense of speed, flow, and overall fun. 

Who's it for:

  • Surfer of any skill level that wants a fast, loose, and skatey board


  • Bottom contour begins with single concave to add lift when dropping in on waves; also gives the board extra speed while trimming
  • Transitions into a convex bottom, giving the board some stability 
  • Bottom contour ends with vee off tail to add responsiveness 

Extra Feature:

  • Quad fin set up to allow a variety of fin set ups.  

Care for your board:

  • Keep in cool dry area as much as possible when not in use
  • Keep away from direct sun light when not in the water
  • Rinse board with fresh water after each use.


Feature   Quad fin set up 
Constructions Epoxy, Bamboo Veneer 
Contours Slight Single > Convex > Vee
Finish Hand Polished 
Dimensions 5'4" - 6'6" 
Volume 32.8 - 51.6
Color Black, Bamboo veneer 
Rider 145 - 205 lbs 
Experience Intermediate to Advanced
Condition Knee to Head High